Residence Hall Furniture

College Savers provides quality products at an affordable price while enhancing the college experience. Located in the heart of the New River Valley, in Blacksburg, Virginia.


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We are an environmentally friendly company.

Our lumber comes from companies that practice responsible harvesting and forest conservation, as lumber is a renewal resource when harvested in a responsible fashion. It is also biodegradable, unlike many of the plastic products that end up in our landfills every year.

Low waste.

Our manufacturing facility includes energy efficient lighting, an employee run recycling program, and an ever on-going effort to minimize waste.

Many of our smaller products were developed to better utilize waste at our facility. What little scrap we do produce gets donated  to the neighbors in our community who use it to help heat their homes. With rising energy costs, many people struggle with the cost of home heating.

We strive to build a product that will last throughout college and beyond.

We offer buyback/recycling programs at many of  the schools that we deal with. We would encourage you to utilize these programs or to donate our products to a local non-profit organization when you no longer need it. The local thrift stores offer our used product at a discount to the consumer, while helping to raise money for the many valuable community programs and services they offer.

Fundraising Opportunities!

We can work with your school, student organization, or bookstore to provide an excellent opportunity for fundraising.  We do not limit ourselves to one product, which can lead to higher sales and commissions. Give us a call and let us customize a package to meet your needs!