Frequency Asked Questions

  • What are the Desk Hutch / Shelving Dimensions?
  • Can we order before we get our room assignment?
    • Yes, just forward the school information to us when it becomes available.
  • Can you have more then one loft per room?
    • Yes, two beds will fit in each room.
  • Are the loft beds difficult to put together?
    • Wooden: It will take two people about one to two hours to assemble.
      Metal: This loft bed will take two people only about 15 minutes to assemble.
      All lofts come with detailed instructions.
  • What tools do I need to assemble my loft?
    • Wooden: You will need a 9/16″ wrench, socket wrench, and a hammer.
      Metal: There are two bolts that require a 7/16″ wrench and socket wrench..
  • How big is the loft?
    • The loft is about 6′ tall by 7′ long by 45″ wide.
  • How sturdy are the loft beds?
    • Our loft beds are designed to withstand a great amount of weight and movement.  Our wooden loft beds are assembled with heavy-duty bolts and have little movement when tightened properly.
      Our metal loft beds move slightly more, but our equally strong and safe.
  • What type of wood are your products made of?
    • Our lofts are made of yellow pine, whereas the remainder of our products are produced from spruce.
  • What is the clearance underneath your loft beds?
    • Wooden: 63″ on the highest setting
      Metal: 61″
      Each loft has 6′ 3″ of inside space from end to end.
  • Can we bring our own mattress to use with the loft beds?
    • No, the schools require the use of their mattresses with all beds, including school and loft beds.
  • How long is the rental term?
    • For the entire school year.(Fall/Spring Semester)
  • What is your return policy?
    • Prior to delivery of products:  No surcharge.
      Upon Delivery thru the start of classes:  No surcharge and loss of delivery fee.
      0-13 days after the start of classes:  20% surcharge and loss of delivery fee.

Additional questions? Contact us!